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Love or Best Offer

By Phil Olson

2023 Original Works Series Selection

Produced by Arts Fort Worth and presented by Resolute Theatre Project 

Directed by Kristal Seid and Amy Cave


Gary Payne as Stan 

Brie Carlson as Cheryl 

Lisa Scott as Lori 

Byron Washington as Dave


"Love or Best Offer" is a delightful romantic comedy that delves into the challenges of online dating. Meet Cheryl, a widow of two years, and Stan, newly divorced and a bit of a computer whiz. Frustrated by their failed blind dates, they heed the advice of their best friends, Lori and Dave, and venture into the world of online dating through the new website, "Friends, Love or Whatever." Armed with what might be the world's worst dating advice, Cheryl and Stan embark on a quest for happiness and true love in the digital age. As they navigate the trials and tribulations of dating, including heartbreak and rejection, they must decide if they're in it for love, or the best offer.

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