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Our Story

A New Way of Doing Things

A group of artists who had spent literally decades in the Dallas/Fort Worth theatre scene saw a problem. So often, as organizations grow, they become beholden to a particular brand, a particular patronage, which comes with it the expectation of particular types of plays.

Resolute Theatre Project came into being through a collective desire to tell bold stories. New stories. Diverse stories.

To create a space where the only thing that the artists would be beholden to is the art itself? That's something special. And what better place to incubate new actors, directors, and designers, than alongside some of DFW's best, as they breathe life into the work of new playwrights?

With that in mind, five artists stepped out on a limb. And in 2016, their first production was Stepping Out by Richard Harris. A story about a class of tap dancers, founder Amy Cave instantly connected with the story, wanting to highlight an art form that is so often undervalued and yet has changed her life and the lives of countless of her students.

After this first production, Resolute Theatre Project went on to produce shows such as The Other Place by Sharr White, Ordinary People by Nancy Gilsenan, Picasso at the Lapin Agile by Steve Martin, and A Bright New Boise by Samuel D Hunter.

They have collaborated with Proper Hijinks and L.I.P. Service, and they have been nominated for the Column Awards' Best Musical, Best Play, Best Set Design, and more, in addition to Broadway World's Best Music Direction, Best Choreography, Best Sound Design, and more. In fact, in only their second year of existence, they were nominated for 26 awards.

In 2020, much like the rest of the world, Resolute Theatre Project took a respite from live performance. They continued to do online readings of new work, participating in Arts Fort Worth's Original Readings Series, as well as conducting table readings for a number of local playwrights.

Coming back bigger and better than ever, with a renewed dedication to producing exciting new work, Resolute Theatre Project is re-entering the world of DFW live theatre, with the world premiere of The Way He Looks At You by Trent Clifford coming in the summer of 2024.

Amy Cave

Founder and Artistic Director


Amy Cave is a veteran of the Dallas-Fort Worth theatre scene. With a BA in Arts and Performance from the University of Texas at Dallas, she is a choreographer, director, producer, and teacher. She is the owner of Amy's Performing Arts Studio and the founder of KidWorks New Works Festival, that partners budding student directors with adult mentors to write, direct, choreograph and design original works.​


She has worked with The Firehouse Theatre, Runway Theatre, Theatre Frisco, the Column Awards, Spectacular Follies, the Jewish Community Center, Grand Prairie Arts Council, Arts Fort Worth, and L.I.P. Service, to name a few.​


Amy is committed to the development of new work because she believes that all artists deserve a pathway to pursue excellence. But moreover, as the world continues to change, it is our job as artists to discover new stories that spark the conversations we ought to be having. Her goal in founding Resolute Theatre Project was to create an atmosphere in which original and relevant stories can gain a foothold and emerging artists can thrive.

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